5 Tips to Keep Your Office Tidy Between Cleanings

Don’t eat at your desk.

Crumbs fall, drinks spill or cup rings are left behind. Your trash can has food, drink rubbish, and more that can cause an odor or ants. Of course, you intend to wipe up or clean up after yourself, but eating at your desk keeps your focus on your workload and not on tidying up after yourself. Maintain the cleanliness of your desk and eat in the break area or stop working and enjoy your meal if you must eat at your desk.

Use a different trash can.

If you have empty food or drink containers, take them to the break room garbage can. You will avoid smelly trash and the possibility of ants.

Reset your desk area daily.

At the end of each day, reset your desk area for a minute or two. Doing this daily will prompt you to wipe up any spills, crumbs, fingerprints, and more from your work area. Keeping a tidy space also increases productivity.

Keep items off of the floor.

Placing bags, boxes or other items on the floor will hide crumbs and debris. It also encourages spiders and other critters to build a home inside the hidden space. The clearer the floor, the easier it is to recognize items that can be picked up between cleanings.

Keep your desk free of clutter.

This not only helps you feel organized and productive, it also ensures the cleaning team will get a full clean of your desktop.


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